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Why young millionaires invest more in real estate.

Seeking Stable investments in uncertain financial climate.

Recent studies have revealed that young millionaires, people under 40 years of age are investing more in real estate and holding less cash in banks.

We considered people under 40 with a net worth of over a million excluding their primary residence and found that many have about 15% of their total assets in real estate compared to older investors who have less investment held in Real estate.

It was also found that non millionaire young people also invested less in real estate compared to their millionaire counterparts. This is probably because they have less money to invest and not based on any differences in attitudes towards money.

The millionaires also held less money in cash deposits than the older millionaires and younger non-millionaires.

These differences are something to note when advising these people how to invest their money. The younger millionaires seem to be more careful to hold their property in more stable real estate and this is probably due to the fact that they have grown up in uncertain economic times where things are changing rapidly.

They may be seeking more stable and secure investment strategies.