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Weather information for International Students:

Cold and warm weather, Seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Regional Differences, Preparation for different weather.

Whatís the weather like in your country? Is it warm, cold, wet, humid or dry? I bet you know the answer to these questions. However, when you move to a foreign country as an international student, you often donít know what the weather is like, hence donít know what type of clothing to wear.

If you are an International student in the United States, you will encounter different weather types depending on the part of the country youíll move to.

There are four seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. These seasons vary in severity depending on the part of the country. Summmer is usually warm to hot and dry, Autumn is cooler and wetter, Winter is cold and Freezing and Spring is cool and wet.

Southern United States is a lot warmer than the North. They have warm summers that are humid especially near the coastal areas. The winters are mild except in very few occasions when they can be cold.

The northern part of the country is much colder. Summers are mildly warm and winters are very cold, with lots of snow and temperatures going to below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

The pacific coast is usually very wet, often raining in most months of the year.

The important thing about weather for an international student is to know how to prepare for it. When you leave your country, have a set of heavy clothes including a heavy jacket, gloves and hat to wear during winter. You should also have light clothes to wear during the mild seasons.