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Visa for International Students:

Preparation, Documents needed, Visa Interview and more.

Obtaining a visa to the United states and other developed countries is one of the most frustrating things a prospective international student will ever face.

All too often, a prospective student applies for college, is admitted and is ready to go, only to be denied a Visa for various reasons. You'll often hear heart breaking stories of people spending lots of time and money in preparation only to be denied a visa.

A visa gives you the privilege to travel to the desired country to pursue your studies or whatever else you want to do. If a visa is granted, a large part of your obstacles will be solved and you will be able to travel to the college of your choice and pursue your dreams.

Many prospective international students are denied a visa for several reasons. Some of the reasons are out of your control, but others are well within your control. I will explain how you can improve your chances of getting a visa.

There are often rumors that foreign embassies have certain quotas for the Visas they grant to people from certain countries per year. This is true. So if you apply for visa when they have met their quota, you are likely to be denied. A way to go around this is try to schedule your visa interview at the beginning of the year when they have not met the quota for that year. Plan to Start school in the fall semester (around August) hence you will be interviewing for visa in the first 5 months of the year when the annual quota is not likely to have been filled.

The next thing is to prepare thoroughly for your Visa Interview. After you get your I-20 from your college, you should contact the Embassy and ask for the visa application process. You may have to do that through email. They'll give you their email address which you'll use to communicate with them.

Below are some of the documents you need to have before going for a visa interview.

You'll also need Money to pay Visa Fees.

After you've collected all the required documents, they'll give you a specific day to come for the Visa interview. Visa interviews are usually conducted in the morning hours and successful candidates will be asked to collect their visas in the afternoon.

A lot of people fail the visa interview because of nervousness and lack of preparation. I will show you how to prepare for your visa interview.

On the day of the interview, you'll go to the Embassy in the morning and there will be a long line of people waiting for their interviews too. You'll go through strict security checks. Guards may frisk you and put you through a body scanner, just like at the airport, to check if you are carrying any dangerous weapons.

They'll also check your bags. You may be asked to leave your coats at a specific place before entering the interview area. Don't panic or get angry about this. It's nothing personal against you. Just safety procedure. So remain calm.

After the security checks, you'll then be seated in front of a bullet proof window with the Visa interviewer sitting behind it. The interviewer will ask for all your documents and will review them. Make sure you have all your documents in order. Many people are denied Visa because they don't have all their documents. And again, don't panic. There will be a lot of nervous people around you. Just remain calm.

After reviewing the documents, the interviewer will ask you questions to determine if you are a genuine student or if you are just trying to immigrate to his/her country.

Below are some common questions and possible good answers.

Another tip during the interview is to be relaxed, cheerful, smile a bit and try Not to look nervous.

After the interview, the interviewer will immediately decide whether to grant you the visa or not. If you are lucky and they grant you the visa, they will send you to another window where you will pay the visa fee. So make sure you have enough money. Then they will tell you to come in the afternoon for your visa.

If they don't grant you the visa, don't get angry. Ask the interviewer for the reasons why he/she did not grant you the visa an then you can try again later.