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How Internships help students gain more employment opportunities.

Students gain valuable Professional learning experience from their placements in internships, paid work and volunteer activities.

Many educational institutions encourage their students to pursue internships and work study experience to be able to get a taste and some experience of the workplace that they are preparing to enter. It is hoped that internships create a pathway or link between the education institutions and employers by helping the students have a feel of the workplace before they graduate.

Work experience for students comes in the form of Internships, practicum placements, paid work and student volunteerism and they help to give the students their initial professional learning experiences.

Learning the benefits of internship is of interest to not only the students involved, but also educational institutions and employers as well.

An Internship is defined as a period of unpaid work experience that is assessed and contributes to a student's academic qualification.

Unpaid Volunteer work is when a student works as a unpaid volunteer for a company to gain experience in the workplace. This experience is not part of their academic qualifications.

Paid work intern is when a student works for a company to gain experience but is paid for his/her work.

Mentoring and supervision are very important for internship and other work based learning activities. This is where the supervisor guides the intern in the various aspects of the work they do so that the intern can be able to experience them and have an idea of what is done there and gain the skills to do it.

The intern get to learn the different processes performed at the place of work and also be able to get real experience working with clients.

They are also able to reinforce their theoretical knowledge gained at college or school by seeing how the knowledge is applied in real life.

Internship Mentors should challenge the intern to think about professional principles and practices and also make sure the intern knows their tasks and completes them. The interns get to work in different projects and are able to shadow experienced workers to see how they do their jobs.

Internships are essential elements for helping students apply theory to practice and build a profile that will help in their future employment. They help the students to build their networks that will help them in future job search.

Students who get internships in different companies get a varied experience in how different companies work to solve the same issue. It broadens their knowledge to see how different methods are used to resolve similar issues or problems.

Internships also help a student to determine whether the career choice they are pursuing is actually what they want to do in life. If they experience the real life demands of that career, they are able to know if they can handle it. If they cannot, they have a chance to change their majors before they make too much investment in that career line.

Internships are therefore important not only for the students, but for the education institution because they are able to produce more well rounded and employable students and also for Employers because they are able to help train future workers and get to choose the best of them.