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How Teen Drivers can Save on cost of car insurance Premiums.

Shop around, Older Cars, Liability insurance, Distant Student Discount and being Part time driver.

Statistics show that Teenage drivers, especially males cause the highest number of car accidents in America and insurance companies know this. So they charge much higher insurance premiums for teen drivers than other drivers.

However there are some things teens can do so they donít have to pay an arm and a leg for insurance. These include:

Shop many insurance companies.

Different insurance companies have different policies and rates for teen drivers. Some charge a lot and others charge less. So it is good to shop around and find insurance companies that charge less to insure teen drivers.

There are some insurance companies that reward teens who do well in school and are disciplined in school. Find such insurance companies and they will save you a lot of money in your car insurance.

Teens to Drive Older cars

The biggest cost in car insurance is if you have comprehensive insurance which covers both your car and the other car in case you have an accident. Therefore is a teenager is driving an older car of less value, there is no need to insure this car comprehensively. He or she can just get Liability insurance and that will be enough.

Be careful not to be tempted to drive without insurance because if you get into an accident, then you may be sued and be required to pay the other person and this can cost you a lot of money. But having liability insurance is the safest bet.

Use Distant Student Discount.

If a teenager is going to college out of state, they may be eligible for Distant Student Discount which gives them a break on the insurance premiums they are required to pay.

Part-Time Drivers

If a teenager is insured as being a part time driver as opposed to a full time driver, this will also him of her almost half in premium payments.

Surrender insurance when not using it.

If a teenager is insured under their parents insurance, they can surrender their insurance for a period of time when they are not expected to drive. This is like going to the military or going to college out of state. This will save the parents on premium payments because the teenager is not expected to drive.

Surrendering your insurance temporarily does not mean you get higher charged more for insurance in future.