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How diversity can Succeed Higher Education.

by promoting cultural education, language, the arts and more.

Diversity in the context of Higher Education is defined as the changing of the institutions demographics (students, faculty and staff) that respond to the projected workforce changes.

Most Colleges set their diversification objectives based on the expectations and demographics of the State they are located in and the communities they serve.

Sometimes colleges that have less diverse communities have a prevalence in values, behavior patterns and linguistic traits that hinder the institutions environment. These characteristics will be different from those of the communities around the college and some students and faculty may find these policies to be limiting and a little exclusive.

If these policies are not changed, and the college starts admitting a diverse body of students and faculty in response to changing demographics, then the college will find that these policies will hamper the general learning and teaching environment.

Studies have shown that the number of minority students attending college is increasing proportionately compared to the number of white students.

The Classroom Environment is a key instrument to promoting diversity in college. Students who take diversity-related courses are less likely to be prejudiced against people of a different culture or ethnic group.

The interaction between the Majority and minority groups in campus need to be promoted through a curriculum that takes into consideration and encourages different cultural perspectives.

One way to encourage Multiculturalism in college is by using creative expression through Arts studies such as music and dance from different cultures. This helps students recognize different cultures and be able to affiliate themselves with these cultures.

Colleges also need to recognize that international students may have come from a different teaching culture where the teacher dominates and students are only supposed to listen. Such students may seem uninvolved when in an American college as a result of their past educational experience. Therefore colleges need to recognize these differences and help the students to adapt and learn newer students centered education practices in the United States.

Developing a curriculum that is sensitive to different cultures is important where all students must be challenged to think in different ways and develop skills needed to succeed in society.

Introducing courses in Diversity will help students to view issues from different perspectives.

Language is another important thing when people of different cultures learn together. It is therefore important to have everybody get a good command of English and be able to communicate well. This can be done by having English classes for students from different parts of the world to help them master written and spoken English.