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Factors that help students succeed in Science Courses.

Study Time, Attitude to the course, goal setting, planning and monitoring goals.

With the recent focus in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as a means of national growth, it is important to know what factors influence and improve students success in such courses.

The Total Study hours a student put in his course have a huge impact in their success while the Student's Attitude towards the lesson is also a major contributor to performance.

Other research also shows that a student's family, teachers and other personal experiences have a big effect on their academic achievements.

Academic achievement is closely related to a student's attitudes and study habits. Therefore it is important to improve a students study habits and attitudes towards the course to improve their performance. A positive attitude towards Science courses creates great motivation for the student to work hard and master the subject and hence will perform better.

It has been found that female students have a better attitude towards learning than male students. This is because females liked to learn new things.

It is also known that the more time a student spends learning, the better their grades are. Study time and class attendance are big factors in predicting a student's success in any subject.

Good organization and setting goals and planning activities in advance helps create a more focused approach to learning and being able to achieve those goals.

The students who monitor their goals like making sure they do their assignment and projects in time are able to get better GPA than those who did not.

The factor with the biggest effect on a student's level of achievement is the total number of hours they spend studying that subject.