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Factors that influence student's choice to live in on-campus housing.

include size and type of room, age of building, location and being near friends and roommates.

New students consider many things when choosing to live on campus. Some factors that come into consideration include the size and type of room, proximity to the campus and proximity to friends and considerations of roommates.

For those who housing was an important factor in their attending a particular college, the size and type of room were very important to them. The age of the building and amenities available was also a big consideration. They are more likely to choose newer buildings, live in suites or single bedrooms.

These students are more comfortable with where they live and would want to stay in the same place in their second year compared to students who lived in old buildings and double rooms.

It is known that the campus facilities and physical environment contribute a lot to a student's impression of the college.

It is known that students being involved and living in campus is a big factor to student retention and success in college. So to improve students satisfaction in their living conditions, it has been known that students like to live in halls that have good facilities, bigger bedroom areas, have good lighting, are easier to personalize and are near the desired locations on campus.

Students with better social relationships in campus are happier and likely to stay in college. So the living areas should be designed to enhance the sense of community that improves the students well being.

Some of the issues new students face when moving into new campus residence include having to cope with roommates, learning to share spaces and familiarizing themselves with the campus environment.

There are different types of residences in many colleges. These include Traditional Halls that are older and offer double or single occupancy rooms. Then there are the newer Suites that provide amenities like single bedrooms, private baths and common spaces.

These different facilities are able to provide a variety of residence choices for new students who take the characteristics of their living facilities seriously. Most students are influenced by the size and type of room, age of building, location of building and being able to be near friends and roommates.