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School Supplies that you can Cheaply bring when moving into a College Dorm.

School supplies you need when going to college of university for the first time and how to obtain them as cheaply as possible. You will discover you have most of the supplies already.

When moving to a college Dorm for the first time, a student will need to bring some supplies with them. These need not be expensive stuff and one can do it quite cheaply. Most college students bring what they already have at home and save a lot of money.

Here are some of the things you will need to bring with you. You can bring what you already have from home since you will not be living at home for long stretches of time any more.

Your Pillows, sheets, duvet, maybe a packaged bed set with sheets, pillow covers, duvet, blanket and some throw pillows.

You can bring your existing Pictures, posters, and existing photos in frames to make your dorm room look nice and homey.

Hangers from your closet and a lot of school supplies from high school. These include pens, pencils, erasers, some binders that are still in good shape, even half used notebooks. You may need to get a stapler and some extra paper to write with, maybe a couple binders and printer paper.

Some other things you may need include book-ends, lamps, pencil holder, garbage can, blanket, towels. These can all be things that you already have at home and you can bring them right to your college dorm.

You can also bring dishes and cutlery from your home. No need to buy new ones unless you want to and have the money to do so. You can bring existing toiletries, shower caddie, deodorants. You can also bring the backpack you used in high school.

If you really need to save money, you can bring your existing stuff to your college dorm and if you don't have it, can find it in Garage sales or in stores like Walmart that may be offering back to school deals.