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The Relationship between Scholarships and Success of Students in college.

How availability of Financial Aid has a positive effect on college success, especially for low income students.

Success in higher education is usually defines by a studentís persistence (continued enrollment), progression (successfully earning credit hours) and graduation in a timely manner. Giving financial aid to college students has been shown to help students succeed based on above defined criteria.

Financial aid for college students is both need-based and merit-based and comes in the form of Grants, loans, tuition remission and Scholarships. These all help students succeed but the success of a student is more complex and influenced by many other factors.

A student with a higher SAT score and higher GPA is likely to perform well in college. However success in higher education is also influenced by a students internal characteristics like race, sex, academic goals and skills and external factors like the institution they attend and forms of financial aid they receive.

A students persistence in college is influenced by their level of integration in the college community, whether they have friends and if they have a social support in school. This in turn influences their commitment to the school and in turn makes them want to remain enrolled and progress towards graduation.

Another factor influencing a studentís persistence in college is their level of interaction with faculty and time spent in campus. If a student has a good relationship and lots of contact with faculty members, he will be more motivated to stay in college. The time spent in college is also a predictor of success. The more time a student spends in college, the better the chances he will be more persistent hence successful.

Other factors like a students drive, goals and expectation of himself or herself are also a predictor of success.

Financial aid can have a direct effect on academic motivation if a student feels success is necessary to maintain a scholarship.

Financial Aid in the form of work study or athletic scholarship leads a student to connect with a large number of people across campus and help strengthen his or her integration into the campus community.

A Student receiving Financial Aid may also feel loyalty to that college that granted him Aid and increase the likelihood of persistence, hence success.