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Scholarship Fraud for International Students:

What International Student needs to know. Identity Theft, Pay scams and more.

While searching for scholarships, beware of scholarship scams. There are many people on the internet who pretend to offer scholarships and then cheat you out of your money.

Others will steal your private information like name, date of birth, social security number, and address and then take out loans using your name. This is called Identity theft. It can seriously damage your creditworthiness and ability to make financial transactions.

Common types of Scams include the Guaranteed Scholarship matching Service where they promise to find you scholarships if you pay them a fee. This is a scam and you will never get a scholarship from them. Never pay anybody on the internet to give you a scholarship.

Some people also claim there are millions of Dollars of Employer sponsored scholarships that go unclaimed and they can get it for you for a fee. This is also not True and you should not pay them a dime.

For information about scholarship scams, check the:
FinAid Scholarship Scams. Website

If you are a victim of Scholarship fraud, please report it to the:
National Fraud Information Center.