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How shopping around can save you in Car insurance Costs.

Different companies offer different rates. Increase deductible, At Fault Accidents, Teen drivers, Discounts and more.

Most people have one insurance company for years and they don't even check what they are being charged or if they can get a better deal elsewhere. Some insurance companies increase car insurance rates for everybody regardless whether you are a good driver or bad driver.

It is good to shop around and you will be surprised to discover that you may get a much lower rate with another car insurance company.

Sometimes raising your deductible can save you a lot of money in premiums. For example increasing your deductible from $250 to say $1,000 in case of a collision, you may be surprised that this alone can reduce your premiums by more than 20%.

If you get an At-Fault Accident of get Speeding tickets, this can raise your premiums a great deal. Insurers check a persons record every 12 months and you may get a speeding ticket few months ago and then discover that your insurance rates have gone up.

So if this happens, you can shop around other insurance companies and see which will give you a better deal and then switch to them.

Most speeding tickets and accidents remain in your record for 3 years. So if you have not had an accident in 3 years, you should tell your insurance company to remove the surcharge you may have had to reduce your premium costs. If they refuse or reduce unsatisfactorily, you can also shop around and see what deals are out there.

If you have a Teenage Driver in the family, your insurance costs can go up by up to 60%. This is because teenage drivers are a very high risk group of drivers and they cause most accidents. However, different insurance companies have different rates for teen drivers and its good to shop around and see which offer the best deal.

Its also better to keep your teenage driver covered under your car insurance policy because you can get Multi-car policy discount especially if you have Homeowners insurance with the same company.

Some companies also give teenage drivers discounts if their parents have had a clean driving record for 5 years. These are great deals you should shop around to discover who has them.

Also if your teenage child goes to college more than 100 miles away and does not go with their car, you can qualify for big discounts.

Insurance rates also vary depending on the Type of Car you are insuring. This is depending on car costs and the cars model risk of theft. Some car models have higher risk o being stolen and hence insurance companies increase coverage for such cars. However their rates vary and you will need to check with many companies to see which has the least premiums for your particular car.

You can check independent insurance agents below to compare the pricing.