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How SAT scores in early Adolescents can predict great scientific potential.

People with Higher Quantitative reasoning skills and abilities measured by SAT scores are found to be the most creative and productive scientific minds.

A study was made of very talented people from an early age and it was discovered that individual differences in cognitive abilities measured by SAT scores in early adolescent can predict who will be the most creative scientist even among those who earned advanced degrees.

Most of the economic growth in the United States is driven by industries that are based on intellectual property. These include information technology, biotechnology, physics and other scientific and technology fields.

So it is very important to nurture the most talented people and guide them to become the great and innovative scientists that we will require in the future to keep our country creative and at the forefront of innovation.

Studies have shown that Quantitative and reasoning abilities of students is one great contributor to scientific innovation in later life.

It was shown that people who had the highest SAT score at age 13 tended to have higher education levels. People who earned a Doctorate degree had higher SAT scores on average than people who earned a masters, and Bachelors degree in that order.

There is also a relationship between people who made scientific contribution like earning a patent and writing a peer reviewed scientific paper. People with Doctorate degrees had the most patents, followed by those with Masters degree and then by those with Bachelors degree.

This suggest that the people who have more ability opted to get higher degrees and were more able to make discoveries in scientific fields.

Within people with the same level of academic achievement, those who had higher SAT scores in early teenage years, were found to get more patents and create more scientific innovations. SAT scores are a measure of a personís quantitative reasoning ability.

However SAT scores were found to be inadequate in differentiating the capabilities of these highly talented people. This is because most of them scored very highly in SAT and hence the results were unable to adequately measure the differences within this highly selective group of people.

Some companies are using this criteria when making their hiring decision. For example, if a company has a pool or Doctorate degree holders from which to recruit from, they can administer math, IQ and other quantitative reasoning tests to narrow down the applicant pool and select those who scored highest. There are likely to be the most talented of the group.