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Safety for International Students:

Bad neighborhoods, Drugs, Flashy Dressing, Walking in groups, Alcohol, Emergencies and More.

When someone leaves for a foreign country, there is always apprehension about their safety. You can never be sure what you’ll encounter in a foreign country. Many parents are worried when their children leave for an unknown land and dread a call telling them something terrible happened to them.

This should however not be a big issue if you know how to keep safe. Often, the things you do to keep safe in your home country are the same you do to keep safe in a foreign country.

As in all cities around the world, there are safe and unsafe neighborhoods. Always try to avoid the unsafe neighborhoods, especially at night. Ask your local classmates and friends what areas to avoid. Also avoid secluded areas where criminals hide and can attack you without anyone seeing.

Illegal sale of street drugs is another major problem in many places. Drugs like cocaine & marijuana cause a lot of social problems, especially violence. Drug dealers are often dangerous criminals who wouldn’t think twice killing a person. Always avoid anything to do with drugs if you want to remain safe.

Also avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Do not carry large amounts of cash or wear flashy and expensive clothing that may draw criminals’ attention.

If you find yourself walking at night, try to be in a group of people. Criminals like to target lone people who are more vulnerable.

Going out to have fun with your friends? Try not to get very drunk because this will impair your judgment and make you vulnerable.

If you are attacked, scream “help” to draw attention. This may also scare the criminal away, As soon as you can, dial 911 to call police.

Most international students will be safe. All you need is to use common sense.