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Factors that help retain international students in US colleges.

Student's GPA, degree plans and academic integration are positive while lack of social integration and English language skills are a negative.

American colleges are still the number one destination for international students but there is increased competition from foreign universities. Although the number of international students has increased in recent years, the percentage share of international students coming to the US has been dropping.

International students bring big educational, cultural and economic benefits to the US. American students are exposed to students from other countries and learn to interact with people of different backgrounds.

They also bring a lot of money into the US in terms of tuition and other fees, reaching up to $20 Billion a year.

Therefore in light of these benefits that international students bring, there is great efforts to recruit more students and also retain more of the ones that are recruited.

International students face many challenges in a foreign country away from family, friends and familiar surroundings. Some studies have shown that the ability to balance academic work and social life, adjusting to new academic environment and gaining confidence were big factors to whether an international student will remain in college or drop out.

International Students who had support from peers, family and faculty had more chances of succeeding academically. The belief that a better education will contribute to a better future also contributed to their staying in college and finishing their degree.

A students GPA and availability of on campus employment are also factors that help international students to succeed in college.

The students goals for obtaining the degree and their academic integration were also a positive effect on their staying. More interaction between the students and faculty can help in this area and keep the student focused on his/her academic goals and performance.

International Students who required remedial English classes were less likely to persist in their degree than those who did not. Therefore support from faculty and peers especially for students who need English classes is vital to their being able to stay in college more.