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How to reduce Late College Graduation by increasing Tuition.

Increase in college fees for people who delayed graduation encouraged them to graduate in time and they did not drop out or decrease the quality of their education in the process.

Many students are having problems completing their college degrees in time and may take between 5 to 10 years to complete their 4 year degree. This may be due to economic hardships of the student making them want to work part time and doing their degree part time, or dropping out for a while and then coming back.

This delayed degree completion rates are becoming a problem for many colleges because they don't get to graduate students in time and this causes a financial stress to the colleges.

The tuition students pay is the same for each semester whether the student delays their degree completion or not.

Recent studies have shown that if University or college tuition is raised for people enrolling in their degrees beyond the 4 or 5 years it takes to complete those degrees, the students who delayed their graduation dates reduced.

The increased fee can be in terms of the actual fees the students pay or the availability of financial aid. If students who delayed their degrees lost financial aid opportunities, it was shown that such students tried to complete their degrees in time and not delay it.

Many people are worried that increasing fees and tuition for people who extended their graduation dates would make them drop out or decrease the quality of their education by trying to graduate faster. It was shown that this did not happen. Actually most students, faced with increases in fees for each year they delayed graduation, tended to work harder to finish their degrees on time.

This is something many colleges need to introduce if they want as many of their students to graduate in time as possible.