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Racial issues for International Students:

Diversity, Meet New peoples and Cultures, Race discrimination prohibited by law, Regional Differences, Students responsibility and More.

When you go abroad as an International student, you'll find many people of different races from all over the world. This may be something new to you depending on your home country's racial makeup.

Most people have seen people of different races, either in person or on TV and movies. However, few people, especially those coming from racially homogenous countries, have interacted on a personal level with people of other races.

Even in many racially diverse countries, most people of different races live almost completely isolated lives from one another. Unfortunate, but True.. I know. My own country is plagued with Tribalism, where people of different Tribes (but same Race) hate each other.

As an international student, you'll get the opportunity to live and interact with people of different races from all over the world. This will help you know them in person, learn their values, likes, dislikes, fears and hopes. You'll be surprised to discover that you have a lot more in common with them than you thought.

In many countries, racial & Tribal discrimination is the unspoken norm. It's accepted that people different from you can deny you access and resources solely based on Race/Tribe and there is no legal remedy, and People don't like talking about it either. These kinds of attitudes causes lots of misery and leaves people divided and prone to suspicion and conflict, ultimately becoming very detrimental to the whole society.

The good news is that in spite of what many people think, there is good relations between people of different races in the US and other developed countries where most international students go. Discrimination based on Race and National origin is against the law in the US and you should feel safe that no one will harass you or discriminate against you based on your race, and if it happens, there are legal remedies. That said however, you may find people who are hostile to you solely based on race. This does not happen a lot because most people are nice and also respect the law.

There are also some regional differences in terms of racial attitudes in the US. Racist attitudes are more predominant in the South and South East as compared to the North, North East and Western United states where people have more progressive attitudes towards race.

If you are considering college choices and are worried about racial discrimination, I would advise you try to enroll to colleges in the North, North East and Western United states. This is however a generalization and should not be taken as a fast rule. You will find very nice people in the south as well as some racist people in the North.

Experiences for International students about race vary depending on where you come from and what race you are. One should always study their environment and try to understand the people you are dealing with. Don't always assume that people will discriminate against you based on race because most people will not.

On the flip side, many International students come with their own prejudices about race. Try to keep an open mind and try to interact amicably with everybody, no matter what their race. The worst thing an international student can do is act out their racist attitudes, refuse to socialize with people of different races and completely miss out on this great opportunity to learn about people of different races from around the world.

You may find it strange that in the US, it's often the foreign born people who exhibit more racist attitudes than their American born counterparts. So as an International Student, do your part and make life easy for everybody around you by not acting out any racist feelings you may have.