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Project based learning and its positive effect on students engagement.

By allowing them to control and regulate their learning process.

Research has shown that project based learning in schools increases students emotional engagement to what is being taught and this has a good effect on their concentration and overall learning.

Student disengagement in their classes is a serious matter and has led to many students dropping out of school. While some teachers have tried to entertain their students to keep them engaged, once the entertainment finishes and they return to serious school work, they often become disengaged again.

Project based learning aspires to engage students in their learning by encouraging them to investigate their passions and create projects that help in their learning experience. These may be things like students aspiring to solve global issues like climate change and bringing about world peace.

Research has shown that the more engaged students are, the better they learn, attaining higher grades and less likely to drop out of school. Therefore many schools have started using teaching strategies that engage students in behavior, cognitive and emotional level.

Some ways teachers seek to engage students is by connecting with the students concerns, by allowing students to take ownership of their work, by responding to student concerns and encouraging them to believe they can make a difference with their actions. Students are encouraged to collaborate to do tasks that result in a final project and achieve a goal.

Project based learning improves behavioral engagement in students by making them stay focused on a task along with others and attending classes as scheduled.

While students participating in project based learning say they did not feel like they were learning, because there were minimal lectures and they are given the freedom to do their project, they actually scored higher in their tests meaning that they actually learned during these project based learning experiences.

Project based learning helps students stay on task in school (behavioural engagement), participate in their thinking and regulate their learning experience (cognitive engagement), and show interest and enjoyment in their learning (emotional engagement).

Therefore, since student engagement is vital to student performance and learning it is recommended that schools use Project based learning more to help improve the learning experience of their students.