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Are Online Degrees equal to Traditional Degrees in the Job Market?

Obtaining competent technical skills and passing industry specific exams like CPA.

With the rising cost of attending college and the rising demand for college degrees in most of today's job market, online education is continuing to expand and fill that gap.

This has also been encouraged by the availability of the internet to most people and development of great education software which people can use to learn just about any topic. Software programs like Blackboard allow students to watch live lecture videos and participate in interactive discussions even while out of class.

Online education is also very convenient because students can access and complete their courses at any time of the day.

Most online degrees on offer include online MBA's, Accounting and other financial degrees. There are many legitimate online degree programs but there are many others that are not of good reputation.

So employers usually have to scrutinize a candidate with an online degree to determine if they are actually qualified and find the reasons why they got an online degree instead of a traditional degree. Some reasons include financial ones since online degrees are cheaper. Another reason is that the student lives far away from any college.

Many employers however place same value to a candidate with online degree as much as a candidate with traditional degree if the candidate has learned all the technical skills needed for the job. This is especially for accounting firms who recruit many candidates with online degrees. Online accounting degrees are able to teach just as much as the traditional accounting degrees and employers see no difference in performance of their employees with either of them.

So if candidates are able to pass their Industry specific examinations like CPA exam for accounting candidates, it does not matter whether they got an online degree or a traditional degree.

This recognition of online degrees has helped lead to a rapid increase in online degrees for many fields as the technology makes it easier to learn and both teachers and students embrace the concept of online degrees as being the future of education.