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Using Online courses to finish your Degree.

Because they are cheaper, more flexible and many employers pay the cost..

Online degrees are not as well regarded as the traditional degrees, but times are changing and people are coming to appreciate the value of online degrees. Currently, online degrees account for about 8% of all degrees awarded.

However, online degrees are most important for those people who did not finish their traditional college and currently have a job and seeking to complete their Degree.

It is known that less than 60 % of students who start college obtain their degree within 6 years. This has therefore created a massive market for degree completion options and online universities are trying to fill this void.

Tuition for online colleges is much less than traditional college. Usually less than $10,000 annually for a full course load. Many employers are willing to pay part of this cost for their employees and this is encouraging a lot of people to enroll to these online courses.

For people looking for first time employment, having an online degree is still not as valuable as having a traditional degree, although online colleges like the University of Phoenix and Kaplan College are trying to challenge that perception by offering high quality online degrees.

However, for people who already have jobs and desire to finish their degrees, online degrees offer a cheaper, more flexible and perfect choice.