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Expected Job openings for Occupations requiring Bachelors Degree and Career planning.

Plan your career by taking into account the job available for each occupation and your interests and abilities.

Different occupations requiring a bachelors degree are seeing different levels of job opportunities in the market place. Recent studies by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that most job opportunities up to the year 2020 will be in occupations related to Business, Education and Computer Science.

While people with a college degree will generally earn more and have higher chances or getting a job than people without, the college major you choose can influence what type of job and income you will get and in some cases, if you will get a job at all.

Unemployment Rates.

There was an unemployment rate of 9% or people with Bachelor Degree in Business while those who studied humanities and social sciences see an unemployment rate of 13%. People with Computer Science and Mathematics degrees have an unemployment rate of less than 7%.

Earning Power

People graduating with Engineering degrees have the highest starting salaries of about $60,000 a year while those with Humanities and Social Science degrees had the lowest starting salaries at $25,000 and even less.

Job Availability.

It is estimated that there will be more than 2 million job opportunities in Business, Financial Operations and Sales careers in the US in before the year 2020.

This is good news for people who are interested in these careers. They should be good working with numbers (e.g. accountants) and working with people (e.g. Sales people). They also need to have good organizational skills and be detail oriented.

Occupations in Education, Training and library services will have about 1.5 million in projected job openings until 2020. People in these fields need to have good communication skills, patience and creativity.

For Computer Science and Math related occupations, it is projected that about 1.1 million jobs will be available before 2020. These occupations are good for people who are talented in analysis and problem solving. They also have to be good in mathematics and have good technical skills.

Other job types include Art and Media related occupations which are projected to have about 600,000 job openings. Architecture and Engineering jobs will have about 500,000 openings while Healthcare and social services occupations will have another half a million openings.

Career Planning

There are many things to consider when planning your career. You should consider the job availability and unemployment rates for the occupations available. You should also take into account your Interests and Abilities before choosing the career you want.