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Things Not-to-do for International Student:

Laws, Driving while drunk, Bribery, Dropping college, Traffic laws, Public decency, Domestic violence, Smoking and more.

All International students travel to foreign countries to accomplish a dream. This is a great opportunity and one should not squander it by doing things that may get you in trouble.

Some International students find themselves in trouble partly due to ignorance of the laws in foreign countries and partly due to their own negligence. However, with some knowledge and common sense, itís easy to stay out of trouble.

Here are some things you should try to avoid as an international student in the United States.

Try not to break any laws. Thatís easy if you use common sense and always do the right thing. Never be involved in violent crimes and other felonies. These will automatically have you put in jail and then get deported afterwards.

Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs is another serious offense that many international students are not aware of. Many people are killed by drunk drivers. If you are caught Driving Drunk, your driver's license suspended or revoked and in some cases, you can be put in jail.

In many countries, there is rampant corruption where the only way to get things done is though bribery. As an international student in the United states, or other developed country, you will be happy to discover there is very little corruption. Services are delivered efficiently and you don't have to bribe anybody to get served. Most public officials are not corrupt and don't tolerate corruption.

Therefore, if for example you are arrested by police, never try to bribe him to get out of trouble. This will put you in more trouble. There are instances where some international students, accustomed to bribing police in their home countries, try to bribe police in the U.S. and this got them in serious trouble with the law. Never bribe anyone. Just let the law take its course.

Dropping out of college is another thing you should avoid. You came to the country as a student and if you drop out, thatís a violation of your agreement. The US government has an electronic system called SEVIS. that tracks whether international students are attending college or not. If you want to drop out of college for whatever reason, consult your international student advisor for advise.

It's also illegal to throw litter or garbage on the road while driving. If you get caught doing this, you will get a big fine.

Don't run a red traffic light. This is very dangerous as it can cause an accident. Every traffic light has a camera and if you run a red light, you will be caught even if there is no policeman around.

Don't urinate in public, or on the road side. This can get you in trouble too. There are public restrooms in every building. Use them when in need.

If you are married and having marital problems, don't beat your wife or husband. This is domestic violence that will get you in lots of trouble. An international student convicted of domestic violence may be denied a greencard in future due to that crime, even if they are eligible.

The same thing applies for children. If you have children and they misbehave, you are not allowed to beat them up or cane them. This will get you in trouble for child abuse.

In some cultures, it is may be disrespectful to look directly at a personís face while speaking to them, especially if they are older than you. In the US, the opposite is the case. You should always look at a person when speaking to them otherwise they may think you are rude.

Smoking is dangerous for your health. Itís not only dangerous for the smoker, but also for other people near the smoker. This is called second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is actually more dangerous than first hand smoke. Many states have laws prohibiting smoking in public buildings like restaurants, bars and other enclosed places. Therefore if you are a smoker, beware not to smoke inside public buildings.

While most international students know that driving while drunk is bad, you may not know that carrying alcoholic beverages inside the car is not allowed too. You can only carry them in the trunk (boot) where you'll not have access to them while driving. Strange heh!

These are some of the weird laws that many international students are not be aware of.