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More people in the U.S. are earning Masters and PHD Degrees.

More people are getting masters, PHDs, doctorate as well as Bachelors and Associate degrees in the United States. The more education one has also improves their earning power

More and more Americans are earning advanced Masters and PHD degrees in all types of fields. A Census study shows that the highest rise in educational attainment happened between 2002 and 2012 with over one million people with Doctorate degrees and over five million people with Masters degrees. This is an increase of 45% for PHDs and 43% for masters degree holders over the previous decade.

Women have continues to outnumber men in educational attainment in the US in general. There are more women than men with a bachelors degree and masters degree. However there are more men with PHD or doctorate degree than women. However women are catching up to men fast in the Doctorate and PHD advanced degrees section too.

The people with an Associate Degree also rose to more than 5 million people. This is the highest section of growth rate in educational attainment. The number of people with a bachelors degree also grew but at a slower rate than other degree categories.

On the other hand, people without a high school diploma or GED declined by over 15% and this is encouraging news for demographers who want to see a more educated society.

The increase in people with Masters and Doctorate degrees also grew fast in the last decade. This section grew by about 10% each and this is also encouraging and will help the US maintain its top position in scientific innovation.

This increase in educational attainment is distributed among a wide range of demographic characteristics including race, sex, marital status, household relationship, citizenship and industry.

Education also pays off for people who attain it. Average earning of people with masters degree is over $55,000 a year. This is compared to people with only a high school diploma who earned an average of $32,000 a year.