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Mixed race dining experiences influences student perception about racial climate.

How student of different races dining together influences a students perception of the racial climate in college campus.

The issue of race tolerance on campus environment is important for the wellbeing of all students and especially students of color. Some college areas like campus cafeteria are places where you will notice racial segregation on campus.

However students who frequently interact across racial lines on student cafeteria may develop friendships across race and improve their perception of the racial climate in college.

Many colleges don't have a diversity course in their curriculum in spite of evidence showing that such courses improve student's perceptions and attitudes about race. In such cases when there are no such courses, students usually rely on their perceptions in college to make their judgments.

In the classroom environment, there can be observable racial issues arising from academic stereotyping where African American students are viewed as underperformers and Asians as overachievers.

Colleges therefore try to reduce these types of racial stereotyping by providing an environment that allows for equal group status, share common goals and presence of intergroup cooperation in order to achieve a common goal.

The classrooms are places where there are opportunities for dialogue and discussion by students of different races and create an understanding between them. However classrooms don't seem to be places where students of different races can develop intimacy and friendships that can be lasting and change their racial perceptions.

Students living in Interracial residence halls sometimes report helping them improve their racial perceptions and attitudes and helping them lower their prejudices.

Some students however feel some anxiety about living in interracial residence halls. Some residence halls also can create negative feelings with some students making racial jokes or making anonymous racial graffiti and this makes some students of color have negative feelings about the racial climate in colleges.

Therefore racial interaction in campus residence halls does not support equal status between different races and they don't have any common goals. Hence these are not the best places to produce racial harmony. Although interracial residence halls can help to improve racial perceptions in some cases.

College cafeterias are also areas that you will notice racial segregation between different groups. However evidence shows that when there is more interracial contact between different groups in the cafeteria, this can positively influence students perceptions of race and their inter-race harmony in the college.

This is because the interactions in the cafeteria are voluntary and have higher potential for friendship potential.