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Middle school counselor roles and functions.

Helps students develop and mature in a positive and well rounded way.

Middle school counselors play a very important role in the development of students. They perform many functions that are not done by teachers and help the students in their overall development and growth.

Some of the duties performed by middle school counselors include Individual counseling, small group counseling, classroom guidance and consulting with parents. They also consult with teachers about students welfare and help with crisis counseling and coordinating intervention measures to help students.

Some counselors also spend time providing academic and career advice to students.

Here is a comprehensive list of the duties of a middle school counselor.

   Individual Counseling
   Crisis Counseling
   Consulting with administrators
   Coordinating Child Study Teams
   Career Counseling
   Academic Advising
   Small Group Counseling
   Consulting with parents
   Coordinating community services
   Coordinating SAT, ACT, testing
   Coordinating student groups, clubs and assemblies
   Administrative Duties
   Disciplining Students
   Classroom Guidance
   Consulting with teachers
   Student Registration
   Career Testing

With all above duties, middle school counselors have a positive impact on the school environment and positively influence the behavior and mental health of students. They also help parents with their children.

They also help improve the academic performance of students by helping them develop holistically.