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SAT tests and National Merit Based Scholarship programs unfair to women.

Why SAT and PSAT based Merit Scholarships favor Male students.

Results of the National Merit Based Scholarship program shows that the competition favors male students mainly due to their higher scores in the math section and variable performance n other sections.

Standardized tests like SAT were designed to predict which students will be successful in college but they have often under predicted the abilities of girls as compared to boys.

Thousands of high school students are chosen for the National Merit scholarship finals which has the promise to get them to top colleges and great scholarships. However there is concern as to the fairness of the PSAT and SAT tests on whose basis these scholarships are awarded.

The reliance on PSAT and SAT test, a single standardized test is running contrary to recommendation from many universities that require a comprehensive review of the students educational background before they award them scholarships.

Recent studies have also revealed that SAT scores (reading, writing and math) were lesser predictors of success in college than the high school GPA. It was also noted that the Math section had the highest incidence of overpredicting for male students as opposed to female students.

Male students performed better in the math section of SAT and hence the writing section was introduced for the National Merit scholarship. The writing section was more favorable to females and their numbers increased in those qualifying for the Scholarships.

It has been determined that standardized tests like PSAT and SAT are not a very good predictor of future student success in college and should not be used solely to determine merit, especially when there are such big implications as getting a scholarship or getting into a good university.