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How Mentoring help Employees develop personal and professional growth.

By helping them assess their current skills and guiding them on action steps to take to improve personally and professionally.

All people are born into a social economic group, be it an ethnic group, intelligence, size and any other category that you are born into and have no control over. This can sometimes be an advantage by giving you access to resources to better yourself, if you are in the favored category, but can also be a disadvantage to you if you are not in the favored category.

Therefore people need to develop an attitude of imagining what is possible and work towards that vision and not just give up and resign to your current conditions. This can be done when people realize what is called their Possible Selves, a vision of what can be if one puts an effort to achieve it.

Becoming self aware by undertaking self study to know where you currently are and what your talents and abilities are is the first important step. Then next is to do research into what Action to take to put yourself in a better place. Getting a Mentor also helps many people in their steps to self betterment.

Getting a good Mentor can be of great benefit because they help you chart your plan to get ahead and coach you in what to do to achieve your goals. Mentoring can also help the Mentor learn a few things from the Mentee too and this can be beneficial to both of them and even the organization they work for.

A mentoring environment at work enables the Mentee to develop specific skills and values. Mentoring enables this transition by helping guide less experienced employees through a difficult transition in their career and helping in their personal and professional growth.

The Mentor helps the Mentee by helping them take an audit of who they are and what they need to become. The Mentee need to feel they are in control but with the help of an expert. This will make them be self reliant once the mentoring relationship ends.

The Mentor can ask the Mentee what skills they bring to the job and this can be the beginning of the initial audit. Then after the Mentee gets an audit of their current skills, the Mentor can guide them on what actions they need to do to achieve their goals.