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Why Internships for MBA students are very important.

They give students work experience in the real world where they will work. This is more so for MBA students who come straight from undergraduate school and have no work experience.

Internships for MBA students are important because they help address the issue that management students often learn in college things that are far removed from the practicalities they will face in the outside world.

Internships are also beneficial to MBA students because they help them get their step in the door and open employment opportunities for them in the companies where they intern.

Many business schools are now requiring MBA students to get a semester worth of internship which will count for credit in their degree. This requirement is to help provide the students with the practical experience they need when they graduate.

Although many MBA students have some work experience before they come for their MBA studies, there are some students who enroll for MBA straight after their undergraduate school and they have no work experience. These are the ones that benefit most from the internships.

A minority of colleges however donít require internships for their MBA students because they are unable to guarantee the quality of the internship and are not able to supervise the students while working outside the college.

Many others offer internships but as an elective which students can choose to do or not but it does not affect their academic grade.

There are however many benefits internships give MBA students. The students are able to get business skills and coaching from their mentors at the workplace where they are assigned.

Many students who do MBA usually work full time in their careers and may not need an internship. They may also not have time to do one. So colleges are offering flexibility to such students who can show that they have the work and business experience and they may be able to ski the internship