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How to Maximize benefits of internships experience for students and employers.

Pay, Professional development, Ownership to projects, Socializing and more.

Young people are tech savvy and companies that hire and work with interns get a good insight about the characteristics of their future workforce. They get to understand the motivations, ideas and motivations of the young people who will soon be replacing their retiring older employees.

Employers can offer a good framework to these young people so as to be able to draw out the best of their creativity, innovativeness and positive attitude to benefit the company.

Here are the things employers can do with their interns to draw the best out of them.

Pay the Interns

If employers expect interns to perform like regular employees, they should pay them. Most students take paid internships more seriously than unpaid internships.

Unpaid interns view their internships as merely a requirement for graduation. Paid interns on the other hand view their internships as valuable opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain relevant work experience.

Therefore, paid interns get the most out of their internships and employers get more out of paid interns than the unpaid ones.

Trained supervisor to help Student develop.

It is important that the intern's supervisor has a background in people training and development and be able to help the intern develop competencies and skills that will help them become a better and more productive employee.

Interns also need to have access to various professionals across the company to help them explore various aspects of the work environment. These professionals also need to make time to assist the students in whatever they need to learn.

Give interns their own projects.

If the interns are given with a project and take ownership of it, they will work better at it and be motivated to learn all the aspects and skills required to complete that project. Because they own it and want to complete it.

Allow interns to socialize with other interns.

The most successful internship programs allow groups of interns to build relationships with one another within the company. They learn a lot from one another.

Assign projects that illustrate how theory learnt in school is put into practice.

It is important that interns be given projects that can help their understanding of how the theoretical work they learnt in school is actually put into practice in real work places.. Employers should also try to utilize the interns skills, abilities and interests.

The supervisors should explain to interns how the work they are doing supports the overall business strategy.

Employers should understand that offering internship is an opportunity to develop future professionals and a well structured internship experience is a good starting place to do this.