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Student Loans for International Students:

Eligibility, Interest rates, Guarantor, Sources of Student loans and more.

As a last result, an International student can take out loans to pay for his/her college. You will be required to pay this money back after you graduate.

Just like any other loans, Student loans have interest rates hence you will eventually pay more than you borrowed. These interest rates are variable and are tied to the United States Prime Rate

As an International student, you'll be required to have a guarantor to enable you get a student loan. The Guarantor has to be a US citizen or permanent resident. He/she will be responsible to paying the loan if you default in your payments after you finish college. The Guarantor must have a good Credit history (has a history of paying his bills promptly) and have to have a certain level of income.

Canadian Citizens coming to the US can take loans through their countries provincial programs while students from the UK can obtain private loans from their local banks.

Students from Venezuela can get loans through the Fundayaucho Program.

Below is a list of Institutions where you can apply for a Student Loan as an International student.