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Life for an International Student:

Lifestyle, Shopping, food, Transportation, Entertainment, Socializing and more.

All International students experience new things when they come to a foreign country. One of them is living alone in a foreign country away from your family. Most students adapt to this change in lifestyle quite fast but others take a little longer to adjust.

I will show you some things to expect about life as an international student and how you can manage yourself successfully.

First, you need to know where to shop. Big department stores offer the best choice for most international students due to their good prices and variety of things to buy. Examples in the US include Walmart, Target, Sears, Kohls and many other regional stores.

You'll also need to buy groceries (food stuff to cook). There are big grocery stores everywhere with lots of food varieties and good prices. Some examples include HEB in Texas, Cub foods in Minnesota, Hyvee and Supervalu in Iowa and many more. To find out where the grocery stores are, just ask your college friends. They will be happy to show you.

It's also possible to find foods from different parts of the world in these big groceries and also in many smaller ethnic food stores. Just ask around and you will find them.

Most international students have no trouble with weight issues when they come to the US. You will discover a lot of people here are overweight and struggling to lose weight. Therefore, maintain good eating habits and don't eat too much fast foods otherwise you will discover weight issues creep up on you.

You can also shop online for almost anything. A while ago it was unsafe to buy things online, but now it is a very safe way of shopping if you use reputable websites. You use your credit card or debit card to pay online and the items you buy will be sent to your house by post. Some of the most popular websites for online shopping include, and

Transportation is another important issue to consider. There are many forms of transport. Choose one that is suitable for you. Some international students have cars, but most do not. Other types of transportation you can use include buses, trains, trams, subways, shuttle buses, and bicycles.

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Joe a dull boy. Even while focusing on your education, you sometimes need some entertainment to make life exciting. There are many forms of entertainment that cater for all tastes. If you like going out, there are night clubs and bars to hang out with your friends. Many students hold parties and you will often be invited. If you like movies, you can go to movie theatres for the latest movies. One can also rent movies to watch at home. Blockbuster, Redbox and Netflix are the most popular places to rent movies from . You can also watch free video clips online from Youtube, google video, and many other websites on the internet.

Communicating with your family and friends in your home country will help you overcome homesickness. You can buy cheap phone cards to call your family and also communicate by email. If you have a web camera on your computer, you can instant message them and see their picture on your computer. You can also use Skype phone service to call foreign countries almost for free.

The biggest advantage of being an international student, especially in the US, is the great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and experience different cultures. While in college, you will find different people, interact with them and live together. This will help break barriers, help you relate to people different from you. In my student days, I lived with students from Japan, Korea, Mexico, Cameroon, South Africa and Americans too. This helped me understand that all people have a lot of things in common.

Lastly, here is a strange little thing about getting a drivers license in the US. In many other countries, when you go to take the driving test, the test centers have their own cars to test people with. In the US, you will have to bring your own car to take the test with. I found this a little strange at first, but maybe there is some logic to it. You get a driver's license to drive, so you need to have a car to drive.