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How to launch your career in the military.

Careers in the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

With the current bad economy and scarcity of jobs, it is high time many people considered the military to launch their career.

And there are other benefits too. In the military, you get an opportunity to experience numerous things in different fields, travel, get college paid for free, get many benefits like health insurance, childcare, housing, food etc, all while earning a decent salary.

Below are the branches of the military, what they do and how you can launch your career there.

The Coast Guard.

On a normal day, Coast guard members help save dozens of lives at sea, respond to distress calls at sea, do searches and rescues at sea, and guard against drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

The coast guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security and is charged with maritime safety, security and stewardship.

New Coast guard officers are trained and commissioned at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. This offers a great experience beating any entry level job. The Coast Guard Academy offers many undergraduate and graduate level courses for its officers.

To succeed in the Coast Guard, you need to have commitment, work hard and be able to be a team player. However, you don't need to give up your individual identity to succeed in the Coast Guard. It is a place that values diversity and people from all backgrounds are able to thrive there.

The Air Force.

Most people enroll to the Air Force straight out of College and in some cases from high school. Here, you gain valuable experience by learning and developing technical skills, teamwork, management and leadership skills.

There are many career fields available in the Air Force. These include technical careers like Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical), logistics, Metrology, Intelligence operations, cost analysis and investigations.

The Air force offers secure employment and has many fields other than flying. Pilots make only less than 5% of the Air Force workforce.

A military career in the Air force will enable you to learn and make significant contribution to society, live and travel in many places of the world, and get to meet and make friends with people from all over the world.

To Succeed in the Air force, you need to set high goals, make a plan and work hard to achieve it. And be persistent until you succeed.

The Navy

Navy people treat each other like family. They call themselves shipmates. Meaning people who serve together, watch each other's back and care for one another and their families.

In the Navy, you will have great options to pursue a broad range of responsibilities. You get to develop leadership skills by getting the opportunity to work on various projects.

The different career areas in the Navy include Engineering, Administration, Supply Management, Aviation, Medicine and many more.

Navy bases have all manner of recreation facilities too.

The Navy also helps pay for college and you will never have to use student loans. Even for people already out of college and have student loans already, the Navy has a student loan repayment program to help you pay off the loan.

The Marines

There is a saying that once you join the Marine Corps, you are a Marine forever. In the Marines, you get to learn to accomplish difficult tasks by teamwork and being faithful to each other and the country.

Apart from the combat arms occupations, there are other careers in the Marines like Aviation, Legal careers, Intelligence, Air Traffic control and many more. You will also get opportunity to earn advanced degrees and experience different cultures whenever you travel with the Marines.

The Marines emphasize and train in teamwork, leadership and learning to overcome challenges and this makes people trained as Marines to be successful in whatever careers they choose.

The Army

The Army is a great stepping stone for personal development and career. Here you are challenged to be disciplined, responsible and get things done. You learn leadership skills and develop self confidence and respect.

The seven core Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity and personal courage will serve you greatly in your life and career.

The Army also offers fully funded college education in undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels.