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Why Late Entry into College negatively affects graduation rates.

Due to full time employment, marriage, children, lower social background, lower academic preparation and less persistence. Ways to improve graduation rates.

Some people think that entering college later in life after having done other things after high school will increase your chances of graduating because you are more mature and know what you want.

They cite studies showing that students going to college right after high school, while having high expectations, lack concrete plans how to achieve those expectations. Some students are also not academically prepared for college when they come right out of high school and others are not mature enough for the demands of college life.

There has been people suggesting that young adults should work and do other things after high school, learn about life and careers for a while and then enroll in college with a definite knowledge and maturity of what they want to do in life.

However, studies have shown that late entry in college negatively affects degree completion rates.

Below are some of the factors that make people who delay entry into college become less likely to graduate:

Full time employment.

People who delay enrolling in college are more likely to get a full time job which takes a great deal of their time. When they enroll in college, they may not be allowed to get part time status by their employers and they may also not want to completely quit work for fear of losing income.

Many students who enroll in college are however able to work part time, a maximum of 20 hours a week. This is the optimum time one can work and also be able to get time to complete their degree.

Marriage and Parenthood.

Students who delay entry into college after they come out of high school are likely to get into a relationship or marriage and also become parents. It is hard to raise kids, maintain a relationship and an independent household and all its responsibilities.

This leaves less time for studies hence has a negative effect on completion of a college degree.

Academic preparation.

Many students who delay entry into college had low academic grades that would not get them into college. So these students will need remedial classes to be able to qualify for college and the more they delay, the less likelihood they will get those remedial classes to qualify. Hence their probability of graduating and completing college goes down.

Family and social economic Background.

Students whose parents never went to college are more likely to delay attending college than students whose parents went to college.

This is due to lack or guidance and example from their families and makes it more difficult for the student to navigate their complexities of applying and attending college, hence make them less likely to graduate.

Lack or Persistence.

One needs persistence to stay in college, do the work and graduate on time. Studies have shown that people who delay entry into college have less persistence necessary to stick it out and graduate on time.

How to improve Degree completion rates.

Since there is a clear relationship between delaying entry into college and degree completion, we would like to help students complete their degree by helping them enter college as early as possible. We can also help them with other life challenges that contribute to their delaying entry into college.

These may include flexible financial aid policies to reduce studentís reliance on work to finance their college, flexible college attendance and also helping with things like childcare for students.