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New language for International students

Learning New Language as an International Students.

Most International students move to foreign countries where people speak a language different from their own. Unless you've spent some time in school studying the foreign language, it may be difficult to communicate while in a foreign country.

The language most commonly spoken in the world for international students is English. It is almost a requirement to know the English language if you are to succeed abroad, especially in the US.

Most American colleges require you to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to make sure you are proficient in English to succeed as a international student.

Some students however go abroad specifically to study English, or other languages spoken in the foreign country. If this is the case, you will take language classes and gain proficiency in the language. English classes are also available for other students to polish up in their language skills.

Even with good language proficiency, you may find that you speak in a different accent from the local people and they may sometimes not understand you. It is advisable to try and speak slowly and clearly so people can understand you. Most people are nice and will be patient and listen.

Other than English, other common languages for International Students include Spanish, French, German, Chinese and many other that you can learn if interested.

You can also speak your own language and even teach it to other students who are interested. Some colleges hire international Students as teaching assistants to teach Language classes . Check with your International student advisor and professors about such opportunities.