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Five ways to get Jobs for International Students:

Where to Find Jobs, Work restrictions, Applications and more.

Life in a foreign country is often expensive and many international students don't have a lot of money. Therefore they try to find a paying job of some kind to help pay their bills.

The biggest hurdle to this is that most countries have laws prohibiting international students from working. In the US, an international student is allowed to work on-campus but not work off campus.

This may sound discouraging, but there are many places to find work on-campus. It's also possible to legally work off-campus in some cases using Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Financial hardship work permits. Here is more information about Work restrictions.

For on-campus jobs, one can work in the college library, Computer labs, other labs, college restaurants, book stores, security with college police, college Gym, as an events coordinator for temporary college events and many other places.

Some international students who are very good in their subjects can work as teaching assistants, and tutor other students or as research assistants, helping professors with their research duties. You have to check with your professors for such opportunities.

One can also get internships from outside companies. You may need to work off-campus in this case and have to use your Curricular Practical Training (CPT) work authorization. Internships are very good because they often result into real jobs. The company will have time to know you , and if you are a good employee, will like to hire you permanently.

Now the main problem is how to find these jobs and internships. In many colleges, there are job boards around campus where they post available jobs. Keep your eyes open for these announcements.

All College websites have a career and Job section where hundreds of job opportunities are posted. Visit the careers office and they will give you access and train you how to search for jobs in the college website. They will also provide many other job resources. They will also train you on interviewing skills and how to dress for success.

Another important method of finding jobs is good old networking. Friends and acquaintances can be a very good source of job information. Keep your ears open and look for leads wherever you can find. You can network with friends and school mates on social networking websites too. The most popular being

There are many Public Job websites where an international student can find job advertisements. For off-campus job and internship, try the following websites for leads: