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Is a PHD or Doctoral Degree really worth it.

In terms of career development and employment opportunities.

There is little research as to what motivates people to undertake a doctoral course and earn a PHD. There has been some information from the Government and universities themselves concerning Doctoral programs, but little is known about the experience of the students while undertaking this study.

What do people who earn a PHD use it for. We need to know the the reasons doctoral graduates started their research, the key knowledge, skills, values and contacts they feel they acquired through their doctoral studies and the professional and personal uses of their qualifications

To be accepted to a doctorate program, a student needs to have an undergraduate degree and a Masters degree and a proposal on their desired field of study. Most students starting a doctorate degree also had previous employment experience, some even with high powered management positions in the past.

Most of doctorate students were enrolled part time because they had other life and job responsibilities. Most funded their education themselves and some got assistance from their employers. They enrolled to PHD programs as a way to improve their career and leadership attainment at their job.

There is another category of older students who are nearing retirement who earn a PHD just for prestige purposes and to be able to claim expert status in a certain field.

Most PHD students tend to be older and have older children. However a minority of them have small children and they have to juggle childcare with their PHD programs.

Almost all PHD students do a doctorate research related to their current job. They want to improve in their job hence want more training.

Many PHD students also take up internship and voluntary work to gain experience in many areas because there are many employers who want people with diverse outlook in life and diverse experiences.

After attaining their PHD, most students either stay at their original jobs, get promoted or worked in Academia, Government, Private sectors, Non Governmental organizations and some were even self employed.

A small minority of them are not in the workforce because of other responsibilities like caring for young children, or other relatives.

It is therefore true that people who earned their doctorates have higher participation in the labor force and are much less likely to be unemployed.