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Ways to get Internships for International Students.

Are you an international student looking to find a job in your career field? Have you tried applying for jobs only to never get a response? Finding an entry level job in your career field is often very hard.

The big irony is that most companies want candidates with one or two years experience for entry level jobs. So you ask yourself, how will you get the experience if they donít hire you in the first place?

The solution to this predicament is to find an internship where you can work for a company and gain experience while still going to college. If you can do this part-time for more than one year, it will count as valuable experience for any job you apply for. Actually, many internships turn into permanent jobs because the company will have a chance to evaluate your performance before hiring you.

How does an international student get an internship? You will find many websites claiming to find people internships, but they usually donít amount to much. The best way to find an internship is through your collegeís career office and website.

Companies will hire students from colleges they know and have a relationship with. Therefore, log in to your colleges career website and try to find a related internship or part-time job. This is the best way to find an internship and possible future job.

Another way to find internships is to network with your friends in college and ask them how they got their internships. They will give you valuable information.

College job fairs are another good way to find internships. There will be several job fairs every year. Make sure to attend and you will have a great opportunity to find an internship.