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How International Students are prepared to Succeed in the US.

Job search skills, interview skills, communication, Culture and Self awareness.

There are many international students in the US and that number is growing constantly. Many of them face unique challenges such as not being able to communicate in English, understanding western culture and understanding classroom dynamics.

Colleges also face the task of integrating international students in the college community and also help them find jobs when they graduate. Preparing for the job market means that they have to learn both the soft skills and technical competencies.

There are four basic competencies that colleges teach international students to prepare them for the open job market:


This is where students are taught to improve their English proficiency, learn how to interact socially with other people and improve their presentation skills. They are also taught about interpersonal communication.

Cultural Understanding

This is where students are helped to improve the general culture in the US and workplace norms and expectations. They are taught about US culture, cultural differences between the US and other countries and how to deal with Culture shock.

Job Searching Skills

Students are taught how to write resumes, how to do interviews and how to plan their careers and job search strategies. They are taught about US workplace culture, about organizational structures, ethics, politics, workplace relationships, etiquette and teamwork.

There are also courses showing them how to develop a resume, network with other people to help find jobs, do informational interviews and real interviews.

Self awareness and discovery

This is where students are encouraged to discover their strengths and focus on pursuing a professional career that is more aligned to their abilities and strengths. They are also taught how to set goals, maintain a good attitude, manage time and stress and how to resolve conflicts with other people.

Many colleges have classes to prepare students in above for competencies. These classes are taught by staff from their Student Affairs who are trained in Academic Advising, career services, Student engagement and leadership .

Some colleges also require their students to attend a professional assignment to help them see how their theoretical courses are applied in the workplace