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How to Increase college Participation by African American Males and help US global competitiveness.

Especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In today’s knowledge based global economy, every country requires investment in their people through post secondary education. With competition from newly emerging countries in Asia becoming stiff, the United states needs to increase college access and degree completion among minorities and especially African American Males in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses.

In the past, the United States was the leader in educating its workforce. It still retains the lead in the education of its older workforce but has lost its edge on younger adults to Countries like China and India.

In America, there is a widening gap college attainment among people of different age, income, races and social groups and this is cause for concern. Therefore is it imperative that we reduce these inequalities in college attainment and make sure there are sufficient numbers of college educated young people to sustain a knowledge based economy.

It is estimated that African American and Latino people will number 50% of the population in the US by 2050. Therefore to remain competitive, there need to be emphasis to educate these low income minority groups.

Research has shown that the US has historically been less supportive to the needs of African Americans in many institutions especially educational institutions. A 2008 study showed that African American Males experience the poorest educational outcomes compared to other racial groups.

Academic problems hindering the attainment of African American males begin early. They are often labeled trouble makers and disciplined more and more apt to be expelled from school, hindering their ability to graduate high school. In many cases, they are placed in low academic ability classes impeding their ability to gain entrance to colleges.

So to improve chances for African American students entry into colleges, there need to have better teachers for inner city schools who motivate students to learn better and have more aspirations for the future.

K1-12 school levels also need to encourage African American students to enroll in college preparatory classes which help increase preparation for college especially in STEM classes.

The other thing to improve education for African Americans students is to change how school districts are financed. Currently, they are financed by local property taxes which means that African American Schools in predominantly poor inner cities have less money to spend on education.

With college tuition getting higher and higher, there also need to be more need based student aid.

States should also stop getting rid of school remedial programs that help many African American high school students to attain credentials to attend college.