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How to transfer colleges easily. Keep the Syllabi of all your courses.

How keeping a detailed syllabus of all classes you take in one college will help you when seeking to transfer to other colleges.

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you should save a copy of every syllabus for every class you take. Many people think that the college/university they enroll in will be the one they graduate from, but life happens and things change.

When it comes time to transfer and your new college does not want to accept credits you took in your previous college, supply them with a copy of the syllabus for that class and if they compare it and see it is similar to what they accept, then they will most likely accept that credit.

The new school you want to attend want to see your transcripts, but if you have a class with an unusual name, they might not know what exactly was covered in that class. They might have specific criteria you need to have learned for entry into the program and if they aren't familiar with the school where you took your classes, they'll have no way of knowing the scope covered in your class.

The course syllabus lists the textbook you used, the concepts covered, and usually gives a basic overview of how your performance was evaluated. It helps prove that you have learned the required material that whatever program or institution you are trying to enter.

For transfer credit assessment, many colleges want to break down of topics covered, how the course was marked, details of tests and assignments, what text book was used, how many lecture/tutorial/practical hours were required.

They need to compare this information to their courses to make sure what you learned was at the same level as they offer in order for you to get credit for it. Course descriptions from the calendars and transcripts are not enough to get this type of information.

If you are trying to use a professional license to be transfer credits, the college will often require proof in the form of the syllabus in addition to transcripts. For example if you have a LCSW social worker license, you have to provide syllabus to ensure the classes you took in one state met the criteria for classes in another state.