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How to Succeed in college life, Both Socially and Academically.

Here are some very good tips that will help you succeed in your overall college life.

For most new college students, college life can be a challenge. It's something new that you've never done before and it is usually the first time most students have lived alone from their parents. This can be a little scary and many students don't have an idea what to do.

Here are some very good tips to help you in your college life:

You can reduce the cost of your textbooks by buying them from where you can get majority of your textbooks for cheap compared to the bookstore. However, there are some books that need an online code to use on an online system, or you can't find on Amazon/online.

I would suggest buying them used at the bookstore, or renting them. Renting books will save you a lot because you will not need that book after your class is finished, so you don't really need to buy it outright. Better yet, you can find people who have had the classes before and buy it off them cheaply. There are also other websites you can get cheap books like using and and and

A word of caution here. Please don't buy books before class starts because you could end up wasting a lot of money buying books that will not be used in the class. Wait until your first day in class and when the professor gives a list of required books, then you can buy those.

Make sure to attend every single class unless you are really sick. Attending classes helps you get the material better than just reading on your own. You will have an interactive environment with the professor and other students to discuss concepts that may be difficult. It also makes your homework and tests easier since you will have better understanding of the material taught. Attending classes also helps you build professional relationships with the professors and friendships with your fellow classmates.

If you need extra help with some classes, most universities and colleges have tutoring places for free. Try to find them and use them as much as you can.

If you have an issue with your roommate and need it to be resolved, please talk to them first and if that does not work, you should contact your dorms Resident Assistant (RA) and have them try to mediate a discussion between the two of you. Please don't be rude or disrespectful to your roommate because of some minor misunderstanding. You should also get to know your roommate schedule so you know when they are away and you can have your alone time in the room by yourself. This will help reduce the conflict.

You also need to know your schedule and be careful about following your schedule. Make sure to know where your classes are and what time they are so you don't miss them or spend lots of time looking for them at the last minute.

Take advantage of the general education classes. You need them to graduate. Although you may be going to a major that does not really need that class, if you find a class interesting, just take it. You don't lose anything and you get to gain some knowledge. It may also help you discover a few things you did not know.

All colleges and universities have a library, which is an excellent place for studying. So please make sure to utilize it. Also, the lounges in your dorm hallway are usually empty and they're good to study in. Some student centers and libraries have a study rooms specifically for studying. You can also borrow books from the libraries to go study at home.

Don't just use the library to study. You can ask the librarians for help with your research papers. They know about all of the databases your university has to offer and are very willing to help you find any information and sources that you need.

Know that once you go to college, your relationships will change. Some people break up with their Significant Others because of college, and the long distance separating them. This is not to say that your relationship will not last, but it can happen. Friendships are also bound to change. You get to gain new friends and also get to lose some. It is just part of growing up and you should not worry too much about it.

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Now that you are out of high school, you can feel free to express yourself more and be more of myself. This will help you discover who you are, your talents, feelings, strengths and weaknesses. It's part of growing up too.

Make sure to get enough sleep. This is good for your health and will help you be more alert during the day and will actually help you improve your grades.

Plagiarism is bad. So don't do it. You may think it will save you some time at that moment, but it won't help you in the future. You will end up not learning and it could get you kicked out of some universities.

If your time allows it, get a job. If you can work on campus, that would be great because it makes things much easier, no commute and you will be working in a familiar environment. You can also find a job out of campus if you have transportation, car or bus. The money you earn helps you pay for college and also gives you some money to spend. It also gives you experience in the real world and you have a good way to spend your time.

In your junior and senior years, try to get an internship in the field you are studying. This will help you get your foot in the door and also give you some work experience that you can put in your resume to help in your future job search.

Try to find a balance between work and play. Don't stay cooped up in your room all day studying alone, but also don't spend all your free time partying either. You need to balance the two for a more balanced college experience.

Try to Join one or several organizations on campus that interest you. This will help you built friendships, build skills, find people to be your future references and be able to put on your resume to show your activities and demonstrate your interests and work ethic.

Use your professors office hours. Most of the time, a lot of people don't go there. Even if you understand everything, go in there and talk to them. It builds a relationship, which helps in the professional world.

At the end of the semester, remember to return your borrowed and rented books. You can also sell your other books on or to your bookstore if they accept to buy back books. This will get you some money from books that you don't need anymore and will also help another person get that book cheaply.

When using the internet for reference, a lot of times you find Wikipedia coming up on top on a Google search. Try not to use Wikipedia as a reference, but use the sources Wikipedia has a sources as your reference. These can be found at the bottom of the Wikipedia page you are looking at.