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How to stop your former college from calling you for donations.

Here is how college call centers work and how to stop them calling you for donations if you don't want to donate.

We are by no means saying that you should not donate to your former college if you like, but if you don't like them calling you up all the time for donations, there are ways to stop them.

For someone who has worked in a campus calling center, here are some tips to help avoid the calls. First, if you don't pick up the call, it is tagged as "no answer" and they will call you back in a few weeks. so if you can, pick up at least and we won't call you back for another year.

If you pick up and say you're busy or anything like that just to get out of the conversation, the call is tagged as "not available" and you will still be called in a week or two. So it is still advisable to pick the call if you can.

If however you can't spare five minutes to chat, you should pick up the phone, allow the caller to introduce themselves, then tell them you aren't able to donate at this time, then hang up, they won't call you for a year.

However if you don't hang up, they will probably keep trying to get you to donate, and if you don't donate, they will still tag the call as a "no pledge" afterwards and you still won't be contacted until the next fiscal year.

If you can't handle being called even once a year by your school, you can ask them not to call you anymore and you should be taken off the list.

Problem solved.