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How to save on Car insurance costs.

Bundle with homeowners insurance, insure many cars, avoid accidents, shop for best prices, drive smaller cheaper cars and drop unnecessary insurance.

There are many types of car insurance policies in the market these days and a lot of them are aimed at making you pay as much premium as possible while paying you as little in damages as possible when you need them.

So you need to know what type of car insurance policies you need and skip on the ones you donít need. You will also need to try and get the lowest premium possible for your situation.

Some methods you can use to cut costs on car insurance include the following:

Bulk Discount by insuring Many vehicles

Insurance agents can give a lower premium if a family has many vehicles and insure them at the same time. This is possible if the people driving the cars live in the same address and if they are related.

If two people living in same address but not related, but own the vehicles jointly, they can also get a bulk discount.

Bundle with home insurance

If you have a home insurance policy with a certain insurance agent, he may be able to give you a discount on your vehicles insurance if you get the insurance with same agent.

This bundling can save you on the overall cost of insurance you pay for your vehicles.

Avoid Accidents and Take Defensive Driving classes

The more moving violations you get, the more you will be charged by your insurance on premiums. So if you drive carefully and avoid getting into accidents, you will see a reduction in the premiums you pay for your insurance.

Some insurance companies also give points if one has attended a defensive driving class. This can also help to reduce your premium costs.

Shop for the best policy

There are many insurance companies that have many types of policies. Some will charge more for some benefit while some will charge less. So its good to shop and find the insurance company with the least amount of fees and premiums for the same protection.

Drive smaller less costly cars.

It will cost you more to insure a big expensive car compared to a smaller less expensive car. So if you want to reduce insurance premiums, driving a smaller cheaper car is one way to do it.

Get Liability Coverage only.

Most people drive cars that have already been paid off and there is no bank asking you to have Comprehensive coverage on your car. So if this is the case, you can just drop comprehensive coverage and just keep liability insurance only.

This will cost you a lot less. Having full coverage on an older car is not worth it because the insurance company will pay you very little money even if the car is totaled in an accident.