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How to pick a college Major. Pick a career and then find a Major that goes with it.

How to know what major to pick in college is important for your future success in college and future career in general. Here is how you know what to choose for your major.

For most new college students, picking a major is a major decision that leaves most people depressed and unsure. One way to help you pick a college major well is to first decide what Career path you want to follow, or are interested in and then pick a Major that goes with that career path.

This choice is the right one and it makes a huge difference in how well students do academically and professionally. You don't need to be completely on what career you want in future, because this may change, but when you get to college you need to decide what your career you are interested in and then choose your major. Decide what you want to do, then pick the major that fits it.

It's also good to take a bunch of different classes to give you more options in case you change your career goals in future, then you will still have some classes needed for the new career.

If you don't know what a career is like before you do it, you can try to get some experience by picking a program that has co-op work terms (or internships), so you can get some experience along the way, and so you can find out if you hate your desired career before you finish your degree. If you find that you don't like that career field, then you have the opportunity to change your degree.

It's important to think about who you want to be and be able to choose what you want to be. How do you want to interact with others? How do you want others to interact with you. Do you like the responsibility of managing other people and can you cope with the kind of interaction that it takes to do this effectively? Do you want to be somebody that plays fast and loose, do you want to be somebody that plans ahead, do you like nerdy things and discussions, etc. Once you know who you want to be, it gets easier to pick a career.

Also look at the amount and type of work that is necessary to do certain jobs. Many highly skilled jobs (from medicine to engineering) take constant learning if you want to stay at the top of your game. You need to know enough about yourself to determine if that is something you like doing because if you don't like to do what it takes to become good at something you're probably looking more at what others expect from you or want from you.

If you have the brains for it, you can succeed at anything, at least for a while. But if you don't really like what you're doing there usually comes a time where you lose interest in it. In some cases that is fine, not everybody wants a career that keeps them moving upwards, some people are perfectly content with less difficult work and having more energy left for hobbies after a working day, others need/want constant growth and challenges.

Once you know who you are, and who you want to become, it will at least allow you to rule out or rule in certain types of jobs, makes the choice for a career way less daunting.