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10 Great Ways to help Pay for College and avoid Debt.

10 Great ways to help you pay for your college and finish without debt.

As a college student, it is possible to put herself through college fairly cheaply. This can be done by doing a few things to reduce the college costs to almost half. This include tuition, books, rent and other expenses.

FAFSA is the most helpful thing. That's how you get student loans. Also depending on your grades and family's money you can get different grants like the Pell Grant.

Look at schools with good scholarships. Several private colleges have scholarships and different deadlines so that helps if you want to attend a small school. Do not get scared by the price tag. Many of those schools know most people cannot afford the full tuition so they have their own college grants/scholarships.

Also, there is a program called Academic Common Market that helps you Study in a specialized field at an out-of-state college, while paying in-state tuition rates.

You can also find part time work in or out of college. It is possible to do this and also maintain a high GPA. Its good to find your balance about how much work you can do while still going to school.

You can also take fewer classes, say one or two classes every semester (instead of four to five) and pay for them out-of-pocket while you work full time This will take you longer to graduate but you won't have any debt after graduation and will also have plenty of real world job experience, which is what most employers look for.

Go to Community college first. They offer the same classes as major universities at a fraction of the price. Focus on classes that will transfer to a university.

For college tips always speak to the financial aid office. They have access to tons of scholarships you can apply for. You can also check out your States scholarships they have a listing of most of the ones offered in states.

Furthermore you should try to live at home or if that isn't possible an off campus apartment. Doing this can save you a lot of money while going to my 4 year school. Room and Board is expensive.

Most college also hire students for tutoring, librarians, lab aides etc usually after your first semester or two with good grades. It won't be the best money but it does help. If you don't do terrible you can use them as even better recommendations when job hunting.

The State your school is located might also have Tuition assistance programs. For instance, New York has a Tuition Assistance Program that will give you up to $5,000 in grants; grants that you do not have to pay back.

You can also Join the military. You should only join if you are motivated to serve, but its still a very good deal. For three years of your life, half of which you get trained in something that likely has a civilian job equivalent, you can qualify for 100% of the GI bill.

The GI bill will give you tuition for the most expensive public school in your state. It can also be used at private schools. On top of that you get basic allowance for housing, a book stipend, and $100 a month for tutoring. And you get this for 36 months. It can be used at a graduate program as well. Your state probably has even more benefits, like the Yellow Ribbon Program. More or less all of your college will be taken care of. Also, you can have standardized tests paid for. ROTC is also a good option.