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How to meet many new people and make friends in college.

Want to meet many new people and make friends in college? here are some great tips.

If you live in a dorm, leave the door open as often as possible. Then passersby will be able to peek into your room and say hi. You will get to meet many new people this way. Even a girlfriend or boyfriend if you are lucky.

On the reverse side, when you walk past someone's open door, peek or look in and say hi. Maybe someone you know or an acquaintance lives there and you never got around to asking where they live. If you see someone doing something interesting like playing a game, you can complement their taste or how well they were playing. It can strike up a mutual appreciation or small conversation and lead to further interactions and friendships.

Don't be afraid to say hello in any situation. Most people are going to appreciate you initiating the conversation because they may be shy. And ask a few questions. People usually react very positively when you show an interest in them and get them to talk about themselves.

People are very social at student orientation. So make sure to attend and meet new people. You can also find friends on Facebook, a party, any situation involving alcohol, in a student club, sports, group projects and even talking to people before class. All these can help you meet new people and make friends.

Join a fraternity or sorority that you are interested in. Join an intramural sport. Go to class, especially the ones related to your major. If you are in the dorms meet people on the floor. Make friends with your roommate and meet his/her friends. There many ways to meet people and make friends The worst thing to do is sit in your dorm room and do nothing.

Most colleges usually have a couple of "fairs" early in each semester, one for clubs, one for Fraternities/Sororities. Attend them, and find groups that seem interested in the same things you are and go to those groups.

Participate in class, and note the people who share the same classes as you. These are people who can become your best friends in future.

If you can afford, stock up on some snacks for sharing and keep your room door open. Word will spread around that you are generous with snacks and you will start to see lots of people in your room. These are all potential friends for you, just because you offered some snacks. Good snacks make for good friends.