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How to get scholarships once you are in college.

Different ways to find college scholarships for current students and not only incoming freshmen.

Many professional societies offer small scholarships for students in a major related to their profession. These scholarships tend to be targeted at current students, not incoming freshman.

One can check websites of profession societies related to the profession they are pursuing and can also check from that department's staff. These societies will often have promotional material at the department office.

Some large companies offer scholarships to children of their employees. So if one has a relative or parent working in such a company, it would be a good place to start looking for scholarship.

It is also good to go to the scholarship office in your college and just ask and see what they have to offer. Sometimes scholarships come up and you may just be lucky to go there when they have some opportunities.

Here are some websites you can look into for scholarships:
College Board Scholarships
Gates Millenium Scholarships
CollegeNet Scholarship

There is also a mobile app called Scholly that can help you search for scholarships. You just download it to your phone, put in your information such as age, gender, major of study, GPA, location, etc. It then generates a list of scholarships you can apply to. They should in most cases be applicable to you.

If your parents are not helping you pay for school, you should start filing your own taxes and tell them that they can't claim you as a dependent on their taxes. In the next academic year you will be considered an independent student and can receive a ton of extra financial aid reserved for these students.

You'll have to complete the FAFSA and leave the parent information section blank. You will also need to complete an independent student worksheet at your university. File your taxes as early as possible, complete the FAFSA as early as possible because financial aid is a queue and you want to get in line first. Then apply for department specific scholarships.

If your parents are not helping you pay for college, and you are not considered an independent student, then your parents income is preventing you from receiving financial aid, which can be much more than what you can get in scholarships. Pell Grant is about $4,000 per year, and most universities have a large amount of funds to give out as aid to students.