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How to find cheap flights to and from college during holidays.

Genius ways to get cheap flights all the time and especially during holidays.

Why do airline prices spike during the holidays? Because a lot of people want to travel and people buy the cheapest holiday fares quickly, leaving higher booking classes for the majority.

However there are a few ways one can still fly during holidays without paying too much money.

Always book your flights far in advance. Some people suggest 6 week in advance but all prices are subject to availability. The lowest booking classes in the cabins go out first. First come, first serve.

Flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest. Search for flights on sites such as but then book directly with the airline.

You can also use . It gives you some really cheap flights in general in addition to the option to book tickets where your destination is actually a layover within a larger flight to a possibly more obscure and cheaper destination. For example, if you want to go to New York City to Seattle, the website might suggest a ticket that actually goes from New York City to Honolulu with a layover in Seattle where you just get off and never get back on the connecting. This will give you a huge discount on your fare.

Sign up with all the airlines' frequent flier accounts and email lists, newsletters, and follow the airline's/alliance's o social media. They have lots of promotions there and this can save you a lot of money with special deals that pop up and make ticket purchases a quick 2 click proposition as they have all your information already.

Stick to one airline or alliance and do your research. Get frequent flyer miles and credits and cashpoints. You might be thinking, oh, I'm just going to go for the cheapest option on sites like Expedia, so I'll be jumping airlines, but trust me, your loyalty will pay off, especially if you're travelling often.

Don't call up the airline to book on the phone because service fees adds up fast. Use websites like , , and do that "hidden city" trick. Remember, roundtrip is always cheaper than oneway.

Research the flights that work for you and clear your browser cache/history before booking them. You can also do all your research on your browser's "incognito" or private mode just to be safe. This is because airline websites do screwy business with their cookies sometimes and may increase the price on you if they see you are doing research meaning you are really interested. So cleared your cookies and cache and re-ran the search again and you should get the lowest prices.

If you're willing to deal with some nickel and diming and cramped seats, Spirit Airline can be really cheap. However they charge for literally everything that you use in their planes. So if you don't plan on carrying much luggage, it can save you some money.

Set up a few alerts on for the airports within an hour of your home, to the airport near your destination. They will send you alerts when there are sales going on and this can save you a lot of money.

Also booking through will earns you a $20 coupon for your next flight. You can save these up and use them all at once. In addition to the coupon you still get the frequent flyer miles from the airline. It will make for some cheap flights down the road.