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How to find a job after college with no personal connections.

13 ways to help find a job. How to build personal connections and get leads for jobs and other opportunities.

Finding a good job is not easy for anyone, leave alone a recent college graduate with no personal connections. You may have tried to look on craigslist, temporary job agencies, asking friends and family, browsing huge databases of college jobs, and sites like Monster, but it's hard to find something reliable.

One of the easiest way to find a job is by creating personal connections. If you are in a field that has a professional organization join it. You'll be surprised at the depth and breadth of organizations out there. Many have certification programs that can get you recognition as a professional in your field. The best way to get a job is to expand your network, and the best way to expand your network is to find ways to meet like minded people.

Look into joining your local Young Professional's group/association and any alumni groups or events related to your university. Additionally, volunteer organizations can be great, whether related to your field in some way or due to the large amount of people involved.

Make sure to have personal business cards to hand out. You can have them made very cheaply online. On your business card, you can add a link to your LinkedIn profile which should include a direct link to a Google Docs copy of your Resume.

You can try to find jobs in, hich is a search engine for jobs, and you can post your resume for employers to search for you there too. If you are willing to begin with some freelance work which would give you lots of experience, you can try looking in

If it is possible for you, try to Specialize within your field. Find a niche within your field and learn it well. This is the hardest step. Then Network within that specialty and make sure you can tell a good story about why you are awesome in your field, something that differentiates you from other people. Being unique is a great way to not just find a good job, but to build a good career where you will be in demand.

Try to get some Informational Interviews. Find connections via your University's alumni group(s) that work in the field you want to work in or the companies you want to work for. Contact them and tell them you are a recently graduated student and are interested in what they do as a profession and you would like to borrow on their expertise.

Do not send a resume at first. This needs to appear to be an academic pursuit. Ask them about Trends, what resources they use to help them in their job, what has surprised them about their career choice, etc. Ask them if you can follow up with them. Then when you "start your job search" contact them and ask them if they hear about any openings to keep you in mind.

Twitter is an excellent resource to find people in your field as well, and you can build relationships, stay in touch and likely get a response if they only have a few hundred followers like the average person. Once you start using Twitter, you'll quickly be able to tell who regularly uses it, might take you up on a lunch offer, etc. Tweet them a couple of times though before suggesting you meet personally.

You can also check job boards at the school you went to and look up the companies individually even if they don't have any postings on the board that match what you are looking for. Also, check our career fairs and local community programs that involve local businesses. I know in the tech field, each region has meet ups and discussions of companies that usually have open jobs too.

You can try to volunteer at Americorps and gain some experience in your field as well as make connections that can help land you a job. Most states have a State sponsored job board, which can be a great resource and is guaranteed to be legitimate. An example of this is WorkSource in Oregon although you can find many others for every State. WorkSource has staff who teach workshops, can look over your resume, etc. They also have a job club, where other job seekers can network with each other. is also a great resource for networking and connecting with companies. You can search the companies linkedin profiles and try to contact them. They also usually post open positions there.

It is also possible to find jobs on Craigslist. You just have to weed out the more spammy posts and look for the more authentic "this isn't copied and pasted" sort of post. I really only recommend this as a way to get a job though, not necessarily a career building opportunity. It's good to get some work going and have some cash on hand.

If you are looking for design jobs, you will need an online portfolio because this will get you noticed. Many hiring companies will search for you on Google and other search Engines and if they find your online portfolio, it will be easier for you to get the job. If you don't have a portfolio yet, you can reach out to anyone you think could use your services and offer to do freelance design projects for free. You'll build your portfolio and references/connections simultaneously. Be strategic. Try to find projects that align with the type of work you're applying for. If a typical design position you're applying for asks for experience with print ads, web banners, e-newsletters, etc, be sure you can show all of these in your portfolio.

You can also check to find local groups with the same interest as you or in the field of your profession. Attend these meetups and try to discover what they are all about. You may get many tips about jobs and careers there.

Cold calling is another possible way to find a job. Go to linkedin and try to figure out who could be a decision maker in the company and pick up the phone and call them. Explain that you found them on linkedin and like their company and ask if you can send them a resume for any positions they may have.