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How to choose your major in college, the Jumping off point to your career.

Choosing a major is a big decision for new college students. Here is how to go about deciding what major to choose and know that a Major is just a starting off point to your career.

For most students, choosing a major in college or university is a major decision that gives a lot of young people a lot of stress. Many students are influenced and advised by parents, school advisors, peers and other sources of information that whatever major you choose will determine your future destiny in life.

While some few very specific majors like Medicine can determine that you will most likely work in a hospital as a doctor, in most cases, the major you take in college does not really determine your future career. This is because things in the modern society change so fast that what you studied in college a few years back will have no bearing to your employability in the future.

I have known people who started by studying Civil Engineering, graduated with a degree, were unable to find a suitable job and later trained to be IT professionals where they got very good jobs. So one should not take the decision of choosing a college major as a life a death decision on your future career.

For most people, their final career is not a direct result of their major, it is the result of a meandering process. Their College major was just the starting point where they channeled their interests, values and skills into work that made them land to their current careers.

Steps one should take when choosing a major.

Follow your own goals, not other peoples goals: Many people get advice from friends and family to pursue certain careers that the family members think are "good" or lucrative. While they may give advice based on their best intentions and experiences, remember that they are not you and you should follow where your interests and talents lead you. Do not apply to medical school when you cannot handle seeing blood, just because your parents want you to be a doctor.

Follow your interests: if you are interested in a certain field, whether it be in the arts, sciences, social or athletics, you should try to follow it and it can lead you to your future career.

Look before you leap: Before you commit to a major in something, you should try to get some experience in the field you are trying to pursue first to see how you like it. One can follow people in the same field on twitter, read industry publications, track trends, watch free online lectures or take an internship in that field to see if you like it. If you do, then you can choose that major knowing you will be in it for the long haul.

Be good at the field you choose: It is good to follow your talents. If you are really good at something, that would be the better field to follow instead of following a field where you are struggling to cope.